July 8th, 2008

House/Vicodin 'Ship

"Captain! There be KITTENS Here!"

And as soon as I can get those pictures uploaded, I'll post them. =) We went to Friends of Cats today, looked over their fluffy little darlings, and came home with two girls: a dark tortoiseshell who is 4 months old and a ticked buff brindle tabby with rather Abyssinian looks who is 3 months old. Their shelter names were Siren and Capulette, respectively, but by the time they got home they were renamed Faith and Buffy.

Buffy is a totally handful, and Faith is very vocal. Both purr very loudly, and are uber playful. Max is sulking. He growls and hisses at them, but he's totally fascinated by them. I expect he'll be playing with them by next week.
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