June 27th, 2009

Bibical Methos

It's Frakkin' 3:38 in the AM!

I have a boxer bitch and a fat pug boy on my porch, we all smell of skunk, and the local animal shelter can't be bothered to come and get them. (They have licenses.) Grumble. *so tired*
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Sir Pug and Lady Boxer are back home with their people, so all's well that ends well. Seems a pack of 3 coyotes got into their backyard, panicked the boxer into forcing the gate open, and they fled. People went out to look for them, but missed our call to say we had the poor pups. (Who doesn't have an answering machine these days?)

When the people got home, there were two Labradors waiting for them on their porch -- so they put them in the back yard until everything got sorted out this morning.

I need a nap...
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