July 23rd, 2009

Bored Klaus

Thanks For the Weird, mlewys!

From LJ Markov Random Text Generator:

Around, so I took a stick and whacked the kennel with them for almost a week before they got it right. The critters are settling in, except that Flash has been pretty obnoxious (more than usual), but we're getting that ironed out, too. The neighbors on the other side have a boxer bitch and a fat pug boy on my porch, we all getting older (and achier) but we have our DSL with) couldn't handle a simple transfer of service from our old address to the new one! We went back and forth with them for almost a week before they got it right. The neighbors on the lam, in a garage full of boxes. He had nosed his way out of his head, and we dumped him back as best I could -- a real Tug-O-War! Finally we got him loose, and I hope to see you soon. I just need to shore up my nerves and try to catch up! But first, a meme: </form> Your Transformer Sue by ravenclaw_devi User name You are a... Sweep Your color scheme same colors as Starscream Your optics sapphire pools Your special power raising the dead Your attitude sweet and kind Your love interest a Conehead Your weakness Weakness? What weakness? You will... Save the day, then die tragically Did you get my horses ready for the show in the show hall? see more Lolcats and funny pictures Been feeling down most of the week, with little to say for myself, but I'm forcing myself to get done lately.
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