September 9th, 2009

Apple Jack

Today... (Tuesday)

...Failed Epically.

Bon-Bon had a restless night, and woke me continuously for potty runs, water, and the pain pill I couldn't get her to take before bed. (It's BITTER!)

My acid reflux was rampant.

Scarlett had a vet appointment for her every three weeks iron shot and check-up, and had a needle biopsy done on a new growth on her Evil Paw. It's starting to look like cancer. The Sister-Unit is calm at the moment, but things could get bad.

Then the $3500 Steiff elephant the Sis-U sold on eBay and sent to Germany just came back to us. It got as far as Canada, then their customs lost the paperwork. *scream*

Today's good news? The Padres beat the Giants 4-3.
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Grrrr Spike

Spike is SUCH a Blondie-Bear!

This morning I went out to the kennel to give the Evil Duo some goodies. Dru has to be in the doggloo to get her treat, Spike scampers off into a corner to eat his (lest Drusilla take it from him.)

Soooo. I'm cuddling Dru ('cause she needs it first AND last), and Spike sidles up to my ankles for his turn. A moment later, while I'm still with Dru, Spike lets out a loud yelp like he's been stepped on (he wasn't.) He's curled around my foot, tail tucked and quivering.

What's wrong with little Captain Peroxide?! My poor baby boy!! He's... got a cobweb stuck on his head. Thank god I was there!!!
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