January 7th, 2011

ROG Methos

Fans of Karoshi-Man --

-- as well as any diabetics on my flist, I thought I should talk about something Karoshi-Man -- as well as the rest of the household -- has been dealing with since July. Apparently there is a diabetic side-effect called charcot lisfranc.

K-man is, as most of you know, a Type 1 diabetic. He started having pain in his right foot, which was unusual, since he had long since lost the feeling in his feet to the point that he broke two toes on the foot before and had to have them amputated. Anyway, he thought he might have broken the foot, and went to the doctor.

No one seemed to know what was wrong, and they kept putting off x-raying the foot -- just put it in a boot and told him to stay off it. Finally X-rayed, they still weren't sure, but they decided to put it in a cast. This was like three weeks since he had gone to the doctor. He had to get his disability advocate on them before someone who had some idea what was going on looked at his x-ray and diagnosed him with charcot lisfranc.

Apparently this is a case where the foot loses all skeletal memory, and the bones start shifting to new locations. Hence the pain. So now he's back in a boot -- a better boot -- and is supposed to stay ENTIRELY off the foot until he can get the surgery he needs to fuse the bones back in the proper place. To do that, he has to have his blood sugar under better control than it is -- a test that can only be taken once every three months.

So, if you have diabetes, keep an eye out for this -- I think it's only for Type 1 diabetics with neuropathy.
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