August 3rd, 2011


Possible Hot Prowl...

What is up with this neighborhood lately?

I was just coming down the stairs to get the dishes started, and the Sister-Unit was sitting at the table reading a newspaper, when Smeagal "went off." Then all the dogs were charging the door, which was open to the "screen" security door. I just managed to see a shoulder dip out of sight, and Sis-U was saying, "Who's that?"

I hurried out onto the porch (yes, I was careful) and spotted a young man across the street, walking up the drive to the front door of the house there, which is mostly screened by a partial fence. I could tell he was crouching down and standing up several times, like he was taking something out of a box and packing it away in his pockets.

Sis joined me and after a minute or so he came back out into the driveway, and Sis said it was him -- she'd gotten a good look at his face. It looked to me like he had packets of white powder he was taking out of his pocket and putting in a larger baggy.

Then he went on to the house next to that, which I can't see from my porch. I called Anal-man, and he said we probably didn't have enough to call the police about. Me -- I'm wondering what he was doing on our porch, looking through our screen door. I've been home during a home invasion, and never want to repeat the incident!
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