August 25th, 2011

Jolly Roger

Now Taking Commissions For September

Ack!! I am so late getting to this!! I admit to being distracted doing some over-due maintenance on my broken-down body (thanks to a very dear friend), and I failed to note how late in the month it was getting. If I'm going to make rent by the first, I've got to get cracking.

So, if you were wanting to get on my list for a commission, now's the time! I haven't got the scans of my newest finished pieces on my comp yet, but will post them as soon as Anal-man uploads them. I didn't get as much done as I usually do this month -- it's harder to concentrate with summer hot flashes, but I hope to make up ground in the next few days.


1) Kenny Kitsune: Done and shipped
2) Rorschfox: Done and shipped
3) Rikoshi: Done (May I post/do a small print run?)
4) Socom_3: Done (May I post/do a small print run?)
5) databank: Done (Thanks!)
6) lightfox: Done (Thanks!)
7) Sandtiger: Inked, ready for colour
8) e.dominick: Planning stage
9) vulpesrex: pencils almost ready for your review
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