September 6th, 2011

Pissy Methos

Sugarfoot: 10 lbs of Jet-Black Icey Fury

This morning, as I put my parrot Flash out into his cage on the balcony, accompanied by Sugarfoot and Boomer, the dogs flung themselves at the cage. A rat popped out of the bilge and tried to escape, but Sugarfoot was on it in an instant!

She shook and shook it until it broke, then walked away like nothing happened. Like she dispatched rats every day before lunch. Boom kept poking it with his nose, wondering what had just happened. I've no doubt that he'd have helped given half the chance, but my little black sweetie is a natural.

And a bad ass! ^_^

[[Anyone else having problems uploading photos?]]
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Pudsey Arthur

To All My Frequent and Occasional Visitors/Guests --

-- at Casa Wolfgang;

We now have real furniture in the living room! More than 1 person can now sit comfortably to chat or watch TV: comfortable seating for 5!!

The Sister-Unit has been keeping an account for home improvement, and we finally had enough in it for a new sofa and loveseat. The set was delivered today, and the next time any of you come by, I'll be able to have you here without being horribly embarrassed by the tortuous daybed masquerading as a sofa and the uncomfortable Ikea chair pretending to be a... chair.

Beautiful leather recliners, soft as butter. For your comfort.

(Next, a decent refrigerator...)
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