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Havoc Angel

30th September, 2011. 2:06 pm. Commission Update

It's time for updates! If your commission isn't listed here, it's because I haven't started it yet -- it is not lost or forgotten. However, if you have questions, please email me. :)

1) sandtiger: Finished and shipped
2) schnookums: Finished and shipped
3) casidhevixen: Finished and shipped
4) kitty_of_flame: Finished and shipped
5) R.Avila: inking
6) vulpesrex: penciling & planning

Scans of art goodies will be up in a few minutes!

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30th September, 2011. 2:42 pm. October Commission Slots Available

I still have a few slots available for October:
9x12 $100; 11x14 $200 Copic marker on bristol, up to 2 figures (or plus child and/or pet), free shipping within the US.

"Brewskis" for Ipequay!

More art this way, some NSFWCollapse )

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