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Havoc Angel

11th December, 2011. 1:41 am. God, This Month Has Been an Uphill Battle

Ever get the feeling that you're in a rowboat with several people, and you're the only one rowing? Frigging stress is gonna kill me. *grits teeth*

In other news, Sugarfoot is having her twice annual faux heat. Cranky little dog is cranky. And a little horny.

Karoshi-man continues to mend well. His dad (Major Payne) managed to back his car onto the berm between our driveway and the neighbors -- it took two hours and a tow truck to get him free. It doesn't help that he's a thoroughly unpleasant man on the best of days. *smirk*

To my dearest customers -- If you've ordered prints, please PayPal the amount due: we'd love to get them out to you ASAP. Thank you so very much! ^_^

Current mood: anxious.

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