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Havoc Angel

7th August, 2012. 2:25 am. Karoshi-Man Up Date

Been trying to post this all day, but I've been very easy to distract. Monday morning, Karoshi-Man went in for more surgery on his foot, this time to remove the screws that have been holding the bones together. It's supposed to be a good thing, but we don't know what they might find once they go back in there, as he has had an infection at one of the sites.

Anyway, we won't know anything until he wakes (which he hasn't done all day). He's supposed to come home today, so keep him in your thoughts.

Current mood: calm.

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7th August, 2012. 5:47 pm. More Karoshi-Man

Well, he isn't coming home today. Apparently they want to operate again tomorrow. It seems he has some "voids" in the bones of his foot, and they want to fill them with antibiotic packets. Everyone still seems to be encouraged, so I guess it's a good thing. He sounds woozy but upbeat, and I'll keep everyone informed as I know things . Thanks for sending good thoughts his way!

Current mood: okay.

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