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Havoc Angel

2nd October, 2012. 6:33 pm. *Sigh*

Finally blogging this because I can finally (barely, but still) manage to tell this one without bursting into tears. Anyone who's been following this journal for any length of time knows my tabletop copier died a couple years ago. I use that puppy for my work, and I've been floundering ever since.

So, I've been looking for an affordable replacement (our household fund would pay for it.) It needs to have a platen 11x17 in size, for reductions and enlargements. Anyway, they've become harder than hen's teeth to find.

My dear friend mikespixie has been keeping an eye out on Craig's List, sending several leads that didn't pan out, until: Success!! Just what I'm looking for! For free (needs a $400 drum replacement, but still...) Just haul it away.

So Anal-Man calls, it's available, they'll hold it. Before he can get there, a Scumbag calls and talks to the secretary (not the boss like A-Man did) and she says, "Nope, not available. Someone (A-Man) is coming to get it."

"Oh," said Scumbag, "can I just come and see it?"

"I guess do..." says Stupid Secretary.

Scumbag gets there before Anal-Man, informs Stupid Secretary he's the guy who called, and she let's him TAKE IT. Anal-Man arrives, meets Boss, goes to get machine... it's NOT there.

Stupid Secretary: "Oops."

Yup, story STILL makes me cry...

Current mood: bitchy.

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2nd October, 2012. 8:11 pm. Vintage Kimba Calendar on eBay

Kimba Calendar

I've had this a while -- the condition is very good, and it's a HUGE calendar with big art. Check it out. One of these went for almost $75 on eBay the other day.

Also, some Fox and the Hound lobby cards:

Current mood: anxious.

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