November 30th, 2012

ROG Methos

Delay on Commission Updates

Sorry for the delay updating and taking commissions this month. We have been going through an internal move at our place over the last couple of months, moving me and my husband to a smaller bedroom and my sister into the master. It's turned into a bigger project than I would have expected, and my studio has turned into a disaster area that is difficult -- often impossible -- to work in. Fortunately, this stupid shit is almost finished and I should be able to get back to work. If I hadn't been able to sell a bunch of my stuff on eBay, I wouldn't have been able to make rent, so I'm really P.O.ed that it's taken so long!

The bottom line is that I haven't gotten much done this month, and the one piece that is finished still needs to be scanned, but a break down for current commissions is:

1) Tefloncougar: Finished
2) Lunden_Otter: Inked, awaiting colour
3) Max001: Penciling

I am taking commissions for December, if you're interested!
9x12 $100 or 11x14 $200. Badges $25. Copic markers on Bristol, minimal background, up to two characters (or plus a child/pet – other added characters extra. Just ask!) Free shipping in the US.
When I finish several commissions and go to solicit for the next batch of commissions, I like to post my finished commissions on FA and LJ. Please tell me if you’d rather I didn’t when you commission me – I don’t want to make any mistakes.
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