January 14th, 2014

Come Back Jack


Around 23 years ago, Flash the Lilac Crowned Amazon parrot flew into our backyard. The Sister-Unit had been wanting a parrot, and here one was: just dropped into her lap, so to speak. But very shortly it was obvious that he was MY bird, heart and soul. The rest of the world -- and the Sis-U especially -- could go hang.

From then on, Sis decided that birds were EVIL and she no longer wanted one. Until now! Meet Cricket. She's a Maximilian Pionus parrot.
Cricket 4
Cricket 6
She's very sweet, never bites, and really really likes the Sis-U! ^_^
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Okay, So Here's Mr. Giles...

The Sister-Unit's friend Anna, who gifted us with Teddy Bear, apparently is selling her house and is currently living in a condo with a No Pets policy. So, Sis promised to adopt her blue tabby tom. Yep, apparently we needed a third cat in our household. His name was Ivan, but we had lost our Ivan in 2008, and so we changed his name to Mr. Giles since he's sharing the same room with girl cats Buffy and Faith.
Giles 7
Giles 6
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Buffy & Faith

Buffy 9

Buffy & Faith
Buffy&Faith 7

The girls (especially Faith) aren't too happy about sharing the room with Giles, but they'll come around.
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Cute Methos


Flash has to be at least 25 years old, and he's so beautiful -- hasn't changed a bit since he showed up 23 years ago!
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