August 10th, 2018

Love Eroica

Somewhere Inbetween

A couple years ago I went to the doctor's to see if anything could be done about the ringing in my ears (no), I was diagnosed with hearing loss. The catch is that it's not bad enough for a hearing aid, but bad enough that I miss a lot of things and have to ask people to repeat things.

It's amazing how pissed off my housemates get when I ask for a repeat. My sister literally screams at me. (You don't like it, Sis? Then stop mumbling when you talk!)
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Lovers Duncan Methos

Blood Test Results

Went to the Hematology doc, and learned that there was really no explanation for the elevated my red blood cells. I'm also negative for the mutation I mentioned a few posts back. So they took another boatload of blood, and now they're looking to see if I'm anemic. Really, I feel fine...
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Shut Up, Yuki!

Karoshi-man is on his way home from a "play date" with his father. So the dogs need to be put up until he can get himself inside, and they are piled into the Studio with me. When Yuki knows her "daddy" is coming home, she barks none stop until we let her loose. Argh, my poor ears...
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