December 14th, 2018

Butterfly Bambi


Drusilla passed away around a year ago, now. She was over 16 years old. Long-time friends remember that Dru was an amazing blue-eyed double dapple mini-Dacshund, and I think I mentioned we took her to the local vet, who are connected to a pet cremation service. Hubby and I paid to have her cremated, with her ashes inside a lovely cedar box. Included is a small lock for the box, a red heart tag with her name on it, a sample of her hair in a tiny baggy, and a pressed print from her paw.

When it began to be too long to have her delivered home, we called and found out to our horror that instead of being inside a beautiful box, Dru's ashes had been scattered in the bay -- a sort of pet ashes "Potter's Field." I was very upset: her long-time companion Spike had died a year before her, and she should be in a box next to his. Together, in death as in life.

Someone had carelessly marked the wrong box on the work order, apparently.

Anyway, to get to the point, we demanded a refund, and the box (etc.) sans ashes, hair and paw print, gratis, and an apology. The box would be empty, but it was better than a blank spot next to Spike. Finally getting around to placing a bag of sand inside, with an appropriate note of explanation. This is still so very sad and upsetting to me -- our critters are members of our family.
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