December 20th, 2018

Come Back Jack

Stalled Again

The last two days have been spent preparing to put a new floor in the living room. We moved everything on the right of the room to the left of the room. (So much DUST!!) In front of the door is a tile landing that the Sister-Unit decided she no longer wanted, so Hubby started prying the tiles up. Oh, snap! There is so much adhesive under the tiles that getting a bit of pry bar under one is impossible.

Our neighbor, thankfully, had an electric hammer (or whatever it was) to lend us, but then Hubby had to go out anyway to rent a cart of something to brace the tool in. Finally! Progress! The tiles were broken up and removed, then the Hubby had to return the cart, so there was that. In the meantime Sis and I spent the time pulling up the old laminate planks from half the room.

When Hubby got back, he and Sis started to lay the new Lifeproof vinyl planks. They look good, but it was soon discovered that the cutting tool Home Depot sold us as "the one you need" was NOT the one we need. So now Hubby has run out to Home Depot to get that straightened out.

So, we're stalled again. The lower level of our house is a wreck, but you have to break a few eggs, as they say. Pray for us.
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