July 15th, 2020


Bilbo's Lame-Ass Adventure

Yesterday afternoon Karoshi-Man's dad came over to sit outside with him, drink coffee and pet Boomer. I waited downstairs to wrangle the dogs when K-Man was ready to come back in. Only K-Man decided to come right in, trying to keep the dogs from going out as he clumsily tried to balance and get Boomer inside.

By the time I got to the door, Bilbo had already darted out (K-Man didn't even notice, and was blocking the door.) I had to carefully muscle myself past him and shout at him to close the door, while I followed Bilbo's white, happily-scampering ass across the driveway and into their garage. He was having fun, but he saw I wasn't amused and came running out, leaping into my arms.

Poor K-Man -- it's like living with a combination of a grumpy demented grandfather and a destructive cranky toddler.
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