November 11th, 2020

Henry FitzRoy

Happy Vetrans' Day

To my siblings, aunts and uncles who served in all the branches from Viet Nam to the present conflicts, thank you for your service!
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400 Years Ago Today: Nov. 11, 1620 – Ancestors of Florence Faith Kelley Smith

Mayflower Passengers we are directly descended from through Isaiah Francis and Mildred Florence Newell Kelley:

Christopher Jones II, Captain of the Mayflower, our 10th great-grandfather (not a colonist)
Peter Browne, our 10th great-grandfather
Lt. Joseph & Hannah Rogers, our 10th great-grandparents
Francis Cooke, our 11th great-grandfather
Stephen Hopkins, our 11th and 13th great-grandfather
Elizabeth Fisher Hopkins, our 11th great-grandmother
Thomas Rogers I, our 11th great-grandfather
Constance Hopkins Snow, our 12th great-grandmother
Giles Hopkins, our 12th great-grandfather
William Brewster, our 12th great-grandfather
John Howland, our 12th great-grandfather
Elizabeth Tilley Howland, our 12th great-grandmother
Mary Wentworth Brewster, our 13th great-grandmother
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