June 4th, 2021


The Semi-Circle of Life

The Sister-Unit has a new hobby: bird feeding. She got a great deal on bird-grade shelled sunflower seeds, and the feeder is a big hit. Not just with birds, but two ground squirrels (and a rat I saw the other day, in broad daylight.)

Yesterday Sis-U filled the feeder, then went to work. That afternoon there was a loud banging on our front door. A quick dog-wrangling moment later I found the boy next door standing on our porch, and he breathlessly told me, "A hawk came down, it came down and got a squirrel, but then he dropped it on your car!"

Apparently the squirrel got snatched up by one of the local redtails, but there were kids in the street who saw it and probably made enough noise that the hawk was startled into dropping its meal -- right onto the bonnet of Baby, our PT Cruiser.

They ran to tell us because they knew we wouldn't want a dead squirrel laying on our car for hours. I appreciate the hawk's right to eat (as long as they leave our little dogs alone -- or all bets off), so the death of one of "our" squirrels was sad -- but sadder still was the fact that the hawk didn't get to eat it!
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