June 28th, 2021



A pair of mourning doves are trying to build a nest in Sis-U's strawberry guava sapling's pot. I haven't been able to get a picture yet... So cute!
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Pickles & Banana

The Sister-Unit came home yesterday with a pair of Love Birds. Both peach-faced, one green, one yellow; one 5 months, the other 3 months. These are the CUTEST LITTLE THINGS!!! Still trying to get a good picture -- they're both a little skittish.

Got them all moved into Cricket's cage, so they'll have plenty of room when their flight feathers grow in. Lots of toys and things to climb on.
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Murder, She Wrote

Busy day.

So, I had the dogs out in the backyard. Gypsy has her own separate kennel, because she's tiny and picks fights with the others, and they resent it and try to eat her.

I happened to be in the right place when Merlin and Starbuck flushed a mouse. It headed through the chain link of the kennel -- and Gypsy was waiting to ambush it. She pounced, and bit it until it stopped moving. I think Gypsy was as surprised as I was!
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