September 19th, 2021

Heard of Jack

Cautionary Tale

The Sister-Unit's friend and co-worker (I'll call him George) received a phone call at work, telling him that they were the Social Security department and they had seen suspicious activity on George's account that looked like he was engaged in laundering money, and they were going to send the local police to pick him up. UNLESS George took ALL HIS MONEY out of his account and transfered it to a Bit-Coin account. Once he did that, he had to photograph the receipt and email it to them. DO NOT DISCUSS THIS WITH ANYONE!

George left work in a panic to do everything the SS dept. told him to do. *sigh* When he came back to work, he finally started to feel uneasy. He said to Sis, "I'm not suppose to talk about this, but..."

As soon as he started, Sis began to look horrified. When he said "Bit-Coin" Sis yelped "OMG, call Jaguar!!"

Jaguar, who has a barely used Bit-Coin account, did the best that he could, but these guys were like a money chop-shop and they had already broken the cash up and sent it off to however many destinations. George was screwed.

Now, George isn't a stupid man, so I don't know what happened here. The whole thing sounded hinkey, soup to nuts.
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