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Where Did I Go Wrong?

I have failed at raising my parents right. Especially my father. Older I get, the more redneck and idiotic he becomes. Today was a new low. He forwarded one of those viral emails (he does this a lot!) that had a pair of photos: one had a chimpanzee, the other showed Michelle Obama with the same expression. The caption was "What more can I say? The picture speaks for itself!"

Then Dad didn't understand why I told him to Grow Up. He asked what my problem was -- he thought I was a Clinton fan. (Like one has anything to do with the other!)

I am not fond of Michelle Obama. I suspect she has racist leanings, from my own observations and not from any viral email. However, that doesn't make this sort of nonsense okay. I AM a Clinton fan -- but she's no longer running for president. Of the two who ARE running, Barak Obama has more of my best interests in mind. He's more liberal than I want, but he is not interested in taking away my reproductive rights or continuing an illegal, endless war in Iraq. I will be voting for him in November.

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