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What a Morning...

more cat pictures

Scarlett apparently had one of her cardiac episodes last night, then again this morning, so the Sister-Unit was Major Stress Girl because she had to go to work and the Scarlett Princess is her Everything. After frantic phone calls and hand-wringing, Scarlett will go in for an EKG tomorrow.

Anal-Man was up since 1 AM with gas and pain, mostly sounding like a gall bladder attack. (I've had a couple -- no fun!) With the Sis-U having to go to work, and me being Legally Blind and unable to drive, thank the Powers That Be for darrelx, who was most kind to take him over to Urgent Care. I can't go with, since I have to princess-sit, so here I am. Waiting for word.

More later, as the Globe Revolves...

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