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Can Anyone Help?

One of my talented artist acquaintances finds herself in a possible dilema. If you can help, please let her know:

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From: Kate Schick <tuscanystudios@gmail.com>
To: TuscanyStudios@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 7:29 pm
Subject: [TuscanyStudios] Plea for help!

Hi Guys - well, we find ourselves in the situation where we might need
to evacuate because of Hurricane Gustav. We're hoping this won't be
the case, but will make a decision on Sunday/Monday depending on the
forcasted landfall.
Our problem is that we have just recently moved here and do not know
many people in the area.
I will need to evacuate with my 2 horses, 4 dogs and 3 cats (as well
as 2 kids, hubby and a dwarf rabbit!)
We live now in Orange, Texas which is right on the TX/LA
border...about 1-2 hours East of Houston.
We are desperately looking for someone who would be able to take my
horses in - probably North of here - in the Dallas/Tyler area ?...or
even in the Shreveport LA area?
The dogs and cats can stay in the truck but I am totally panicked
about heading North with no place to let my horses out of the trailer.
If you have space and would be willing to take them in (or know of
someone who might be able to help us) until this all blows over,
*please* drop me a line at tuscanystudios (at) gmail.com

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be able to
help us.
My 2 horses are a 3yr old Arabian gelding and a 9 yr old Arabian mare.
Both are up to date on their shots and Coggins and are relatively sane :-)

Hopefully it won't even be an issue and it will miss us this time, but
I'd feel alot more confident if we had somewhere to take the horses
out of danger if the need arises.

Many many thanks for your help,
Kate Schick

Tuscany Studios

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