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Grabbed From savak!

lordgloria's Halloween party:

ajfox dressed as your mother.
altonwings dressed as Mde. Lachienne Foutue d'Enfer -- you don't wanna know.
andpuff dressed as Ivan the Terrible of Russia.
april_art dressed as Regis Philbin.
aries_jordan dressed as something vestigial, but what, specifically, you can't tell.
c2m dressed as a monster from a Final Fantasy game.
calicougar dressed as a bottle of Qualigan.
caprine dressed as Ichabod Crane, the schoolmaster from Sleepy Hollow.
chris_sawyer dressed as Robin Williams - tarred and feathered, though it looked more like the Governor of Michigan.
daphne_lage dressed as Josephine Baker but the banana "skirt" didn't survive the night.
dark_mumsy dressed as Herbert Hoover, though it looked more like a 1980's yuppie child.
dark_natasha dressed as a pitcher for the Pirates.
darrelx dressed as Courtney Love.
defenbaugh dressed as the President of Peru.
dhstein gets drunk, strips naked, and somehow emerges dressed as a quarterback for the Jets.
dinpik dressed as the spirit of her dead grandmother Sophie.
doll_paparazzi dressed as the Archbishop of Dyer.
doodlesthegreat dressed as a Level 11 paladin.
doronjosama dressed as a cup of tea.
drakenbyte dressed as a thief.
drzarron dressed as Paul Harvey's mother-in-law.
dustmeat dressed as Wesley Crusher from "Star Trek".
enjis dressed as a turkey.
fiawol dressed as a chicken.
foxymalone dressed as James Monroe.
furtech dressed as Marie Antoinette going to her death, and it suited him disturbingly well.
fuzzwolf dressed as a new superhero: Wonder Mariner.
geewu10 dressed as Jack the Ripper in a time machine, complete with gory knives.
gen dressed as Karl Rove.
hakeber dressed as Venus Williams.
hbruton dressed as the resurrected dead -- complete with the most convincing coffin.
hotmarscube dressed as Nosferatu the Supreme Vampire.
jakebunny dressed as a Rivas-Hsieh, LLC employee.
k9pilot dressed as Pavlova the ballerina -- dancing on point too.
kehf dressed as a 1980's yuppie child.
krag_carbine dressed as the Cardinal of Dubrivayade.
lordgloria gets drunk, strips naked, and somehow emerges dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Smiling Ambassador.
mamagnome dressed as Adam-the-first-man but the fig-leaf was far too big.
martes dressed as Optimus Prime.
maxmelig dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
mejeep dressed as the Governor of Oregon.
melvh dressed as a very fake witch-doctor complete with a collection of shrunken skulls.
mfiles dressed as a rival code.
michelelight didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
mlewys dressed as the Vicomte des Boules-Velues.
moonstone_wind dressed as a sympathetic skeleton.
nikita_wolf dressed as Squidward.
oldewolfe forgot to put on clothes!
oldhans117 dressed as Helga the wisewoman, although the live snake was a mistake.
saribou dressed as Sybil - except that Sybil didn't show but the other 27 personalities did, and it suited her all too well.
savak dressed as a mummy.
shakaldraconis dressed as the Urgent Power Ranger.
shyboar dressed as Elizabeth Regina on steroids and roller skates.
shyfox dressed as Sigfried in need of testosterone.
smudge_dragon dressed as Camilla Parker-Bowles when she becomes Queen.
songwood dressed as a walking Guillotine.
tes_fic dressed as Guy Fawkes but the exploding barrel of dynamite didn't go down too well.
tikkeni dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Pinky Rhinopants".
titanic dressed as Shania Twain.
typographer dressed as a witch.
v_lockhart dressed as Mary Queen of Scots ... without her head. Most convincing.
voided_space dressed as the Brown Power Ranger.
vulpesrex dressed as the love child of Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts.
wicked_sairah dressed as Yoda.
winter_elf dressed as a executive trade show booth bunny.
wynnsfolly dressed as a character from "L.A. Confidential".
zrath didn't dress up, spoilsport.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created by sigma7: More info here.
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