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Nov. 22, 1963

The wheel turns yet again, and my mind wanders back 45 years to the first national tragedy I clearly recall in my life: the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy by a lone malcontent in Dallas. Though only five years old, I clearly remember Walter Cronkite's broken report of JFK's death, the floor plan of the Texas Book Depository showing the escape route of the suspected gunman after the shooting, Kennedy's funeral...

I still get choked up after all this time.

I have continued to have a great interest in the facts of the case to this day. I even read the Warren Commission Report when my father got a copy. I have my own copy among my true life crimes collection. It's a gruesome area of interest, but I suspect that the event being one of my earliest memories has shaped this "hobby" of mine.

Warning: watching shows and movies that make use of certain serial killers such as Jack the Ripper with me can be annoying. I "tut-tut" over inconsistencies and incorrect methods. Who can tell me how Jack the Ripper killed his victims?

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