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Fun With Animals

Last night I went out to feed my younger weiners Spike and Drusilla, but when I turned the outside lights on a small black bird dropped at my feet and cowered. I picked it up and noticed the distinctive white breast marking him as a local flycatcher known as a Black Pheobe. He was uninjured, but had chosen to roost for the night on our covered yet open porch, and the unexpected light freaked him out. He sat on the lattice until he figured out where he could roost nearby, not so much roof to bump against. :)

This morning Dru woke the neighborhood with much barking that calls for her to hush would stop. We assumed one of the neighbors had a visiting service vehicle she was sassing, and would quiet when it left. Wrong. Spike was wearing the No Bark collar this time, which gives a little warning shock if he barks (and he knows it), so when he yelped in surprize and then began a constant yammer of "OW! QUIT IT! OWWWW! QUIT IT!" I ran outside in bare feet to save my poor wussy dog from the jaws of Death.

He was not stuck in the run wire as I fearfully imagined. He was hiding in the igloo from the collar that shocked him every time he yelled "Quit it!" A red and white Basset Hound stood outside their run watching Dru's hysterical running about. Behind him was an elderly Weimaraner with obvious hip troubles -- she was more timid, but both dogs were friendly enough for the Sister-Unit to get their names and phone number off their collars while I got the No Bark collar off Spike and calmed him down with much cuddles.

Butchy and Ashes' daddy came and got them, and all was well. *Whew*

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