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Merry Festivus!!

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Finally got my Christmas tree up a few hours ago -- now the place looks more like Christmas! As I was decorating it, I began to put some very unique bulbs onto it ("it" being a 4" tall fake Douglas fir I've been using for the last several years), and I was reminded what wonderful friends I have. Way back in 1995 our storage unit was broken into, and many valuables were stolen. Among them my large collection of Christmas tree ornaments. We didn't have the time or money to replace them before the holidays, so we were looking to be treeless that year, but my friends -- unknown to me at the time -- got together and had an ornament-making party, presenting me and mine with several beautiful hand-decorated bulbs. I still have them, every one, and every year they adorn my little tree.

To my friends, I wish a Very Merry Christmas, and I look forward to spending many New Years to come with you all. Love you!!!

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