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Pushy Old Wiener

The Sister-Unit is Very Late getting home tonight (now 2 AM, so technically "this morning"), and on top of me being tired and head-achy Bon-Bon is fussing at me. She's always been a great communicator, and one of the smartest dogs I've ever had. But at nearly 17 she's not as mobile as she used to be, on top of being blind. So when she wants something, she moans. She whines. She groans.

The noises can mean "I want to go potty", "I'm thirsty and can't get out of my bed", "I'm cold and my blankey has slipped", or "Where's my aspirin?" And, when all of that has been attended to, persistent moaning can only mean "Why are we still awake?"

Bon-Bon knows that by now we're supposed to be in our warm bed, snuggled up with daddy. And that has to wait 'til the Sis-U comes home. Smart as the old girl is, she has no way of knowing that.

But if she doesn't stop that high-pitched whining, she's not going to see her 17th birthday. *shush!!*
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