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Went to see the doc after yesterday's blood test, and it turned out kinda funny. My Blood Pressure is good, and my cholesterol has dropped dramatically. The doc was looking at me like I had the secret to the Miracle Cure, since I fell off my diet a couple years ago, and all I've done is tried to stick to no cholesterol snacks.

Seems like the admitting nurse forgot to add in my cholesterol meds to the profile. We had a good laugh over that, 'cause she was all "How did you do it?!!"

Anyway, it seems that my old psych doc put in my file that I've been diagnosed bi-polar, which I'm most definitely NOT. My grandmother, my nephew, my brother (maybe) were all bi-polar, but my measure of insanity is the family stand-by of depression. So I've got to go in and see psych doc about getting that out of my files. Fun.
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