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Now That My Sinuses Have Let Up...

...and I can think somewhat straight, it's time to look back over the past week! On Saturday we took Bon-Bon to the vets' because she was having pain in her mouth: either a tooth/teeth gone bad, or arthritis in her jaw. It was bad enough that she couldn't eat (which is a severe tragedy in the wiener world.)

Turns out one of her teeth has gone bad and the root is exposed, but at her advanced age of 17 the vet is reluctant to put her under for a prolonged procedure that would result in many lost teeth. Right now she is on antibiotics and pain pills, and she can eat on her own for the most part. We're keeping a close eye on her.

On Sunday I was reminded that I have the Best Friends in the World, as they swooped down on our new address for an old fashioned painting party! I have nothing but love for hotmarscube who took command with his Knowledge of Proper Painting Procedure, corvis_corvax the Expert of Right Angles, songwood the Graduate of This Old House do-it-yourself wizardry, aries_jordan (who came out on her birthday!) and her mother Sylvia, winter_elf, Little Girl, and ROM -- all of whom we couldn't have done such an awesome job without!!!

I love you guys... :)

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