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One Too Many Hits From the Snake...

So Friday night I'm busy trying to get my horses ready for the show in the morning, when Karoshe-Man poked his head inside the studio. "Um," he said, "can I get a hand for a moment?"

"Sure," I responded. "What's up?"

"Kaa's loose somewhere in the garage."

A 9 foot long boa constrictor, on the lam, in a garage full of boxes. He had nosed his way out of his temp cage while waiting for his newly cleaned habitat to be set back up. Worse, the garage-to-house door had been left open, so he might even be in the house, stalking our aged tiny dogs. I put the dogs in the bathroom, closed the door and K and I started to search.

Soon his snakey self was discovered coiled within the first row of boxes, and that's when the fight began. I caught his tail and tried to hold on to him while K-Man moved boxes as fast as he could. As Kaa was exposed, I pulled him back as best I could -- a real Tug-O-War!

Finally we got him loose, and I grabbed the back of his head, and we dumped him back into the temp cage. Man, was he pissed!! Kaa hissed and struck at us while K zip-tied the cage lid shut. A big boa sounds like a hot water pipe leak!

Man, were my arthritic hands cramping...
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