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Had a rude wake-up call this morning: Spike screaming his fool head off! Since he was wearing the No-Bark collar, I ran outside in my night shirt and bare feet to rescue him. Both he and Dru were frantically scrabbling at the door of their kennel at around 7 AM, desperate to get out. And with good reason -- there was a cute little belligerent baby skunk in the kennel with them and That Smell permeated the air~

I opened the kennel, shoved a stinky weiner under each arm, then retreated to stomping fluffy black and white fury. Who was in no hurry to leave.

The whole household was up by now, so we put the poor pups in a separate carrier, then the Sister-Unit watched the skunk from the back porch while I washed skunk stink off me (doxie transfer.) By the time I came back out, skunk had gotten out, but was hanging around, so I took a stick and whacked the kennel every time the critter went in the wrong direction until he finally found his way back under the neighbor's fence.

Then I had poor whiny weiners to bathe... The house still has a lingering taint, as well as the backyard. The neighbors on the other side have a big party going on in their backyard -- the nasty perfume doesn't seem to be bothering them. :)
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