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Today... (Tuesday)

...Failed Epically.

Bon-Bon had a restless night, and woke me continuously for potty runs, water, and the pain pill I couldn't get her to take before bed. (It's BITTER!)

My acid reflux was rampant.

Scarlett had a vet appointment for her every three weeks iron shot and check-up, and had a needle biopsy done on a new growth on her Evil Paw. It's starting to look like cancer. The Sister-Unit is calm at the moment, but things could get bad.

Then the $3500 Steiff elephant the Sis-U sold on eBay and sent to Germany just came back to us. It got as far as Canada, then their customs lost the paperwork. *scream*

Today's good news? The Padres beat the Giants 4-3.

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