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Scarlett Has Cancer, and I--

--probably don't.

Apparently prolonged inflammation can cause cancer. Scarlett's Evil!Paw and The Wound That Will Not Heal have been inflamed for over a year, despite all efforts to reduce it. Tomorrow we're taking her in for a chest x-ray to see if it's gotten to her lungs, then decide what to do from there. The Sister-Unit is calm right now. She's been saying "good-bye" for a long time now, and we never thought she's reach the age of 11 1/2, where she is now.

Me, I found a large lump you-know-where Friday, and went to get it looked at. (Thanks for the ride and hanging around with me, aries_jorden!) It's probably a fatty deposit, the nurse is pretty sure, but I go in for a mammy-grammy in a few days just to be sure. More fun...

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