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House, MD Season 5 -- for mlewys

Without further ado, Season 5:

There is tension between House and Wilson since Amber's death. House's guilt and Wilson's grief are making them avoid each other. (House had called Wilson that night, too drunk to drive home, but Amber had gotten the message. Since Wilson was working, she went to get House. Not wanting to ride home with her, he gets on the bus, but she followed him.) Eventually, House goes to Wilson with a heartfelt apology, which Wilson accepts because he truly can't blame House for evrything that happened, but Wilson is resigning from Princeton-Plainsboro.

Wilson tells House that Amber was never the real reason why he was leaving. Wilson says that he has realized that House is cruel and heartless to everybody, including him, and throughout their entire friendship he's been enabling his behaviour. Wilson claims that as long as the two remain friends, he will always continue this negativity. He then begins to say that he should have been on the bus that crashed, but then he says that House should have been on it alone. "We're not friends anymore, House; I'm not sure we ever were," Wilson says as he leaves his office and leaves House in the room alone.

Wilson's absence is a distraction for House, and he tries to mold another doctor into the long-suffering best bud role. It is a trait of House-ness that he surrounds himself with the familiar, but this doc won't come home to watch TV with him.

House hires a PI named Lucas, originally to dig up info on House's patients that might be relevent to their condition, but has Lucas check into Wilson to see if there is anything he can use to get Wilson back. There isn't. This doesn't stop House from going to Wilson's place to seek his advice on a patient. Wilson is trying to move on, and sends House packing.

Lucas is a nice guy, so of course House uses him as an unwitting stooge, but House respects his ability so much that he's actually decent to him. He puts Lucas on retainer. House has him investigate his team, then embarrasses them by occasionally telling them the trivia he has learned.

House's father John House dies, but House -- who hates his father due to childhood abuse -- refuses to go to the funeral. Cuddy tricks House, injecting him with a sedative, and House wakes up in a car driven by Wilson, who claims he is only taking House to the funeral as a favour for his mother and Cuddy. House tell Wilson that John wasn't his real father, he believes his mother had an affair with an old family friend.

House tries various ways to avoid getting to their destination, including pushing Wilson's foot down on the accelerator with his cane as they pass a police officer. Wilson is arrested on an outstanding warrant in Louisiana, over an incident at a medical convention precipitated by receiving divorce papers from his first wife. House bailed him out because he found him interesting when all else was boring. It was how the two first met.

House delivers his father's eulogy, telling of his father's commitment to his job above all else, in which he realizes that he has turned out just like the man who raised him. While pretending to say good-bye, House uses a nail clipper to take a piece of John's ear for testing. House and Wilson get into a yelling match at the funeral home, where House accuses Wilson of pushing him away so he won't have to deal with losing him.

Wilson comes back to work at Princeton-Plainsboro, realizing that House was right and despite being a huge pain in the ass, Wilson has fun around House. The paternity test proves House right: John was not his biological father. But House accepts that the man filled that role, regardless.

13, who is bi-sexual, has been bringing women home to her apartment for sex and drugs, one-night stands. When one of them has a seizure, 13's risky behavior since discovering she has the Huntington's gene is exposed.

Cuddy, having failed to get pregnant by artificial insemination, plans to adopt a baby, but of course the pregnant mother-to-be (Becca) begins to have problems and Cuddy has her admitted to hospital. The baby is delivered via C-section, healthy despite slightly under-developed lungs. Becca decides to keep the baby after all, and Cuddy is crushed with disappointment. House visits her in the room she was converting to a nursery, and Cuddy says she's giving up on being a mother. House tells her that's too bad, because she'd make a great mother.

Cuddy kinda losses it. House has told her before that her parenting skills suck, so she wants to know why he always has to take the contrary position. He sadly says he doesn't know, then the two passionately kiss. It's House who gently moves away and leaves a confused Cuddy behind. Wilson starts urging House to ask Cuddy out.

Foreman starts doing clinical trials while still working with House. After a nearly fatal incident involving 13, a sick gunman, and hostages, 13 asks Foreman if she can get into the trial he's running for a cure for Huntington's disease. Cuddy's office, the place where the hostages were held, is a wreck, so while it is being fixed, Cuddy usurps House's office and becomes more in-your-face.

House does things to drive her away, Cuddy retaliates in brilliant down-to-House-level fashion. When push comes to shove, Cuddy accuses House of wanting her, House accuses Cuddy of throwing herself at him. Just when you think a kiss is coming, House gropes her. Cuddy is NOT amused.

A patient, a teenaged girl, is diagnosed with post-partum Eclampsia too late to save her, because she didn't reveal that she had given birth to a baby in an abandoned building. Fortunately, Cuddy finds the baby being cared for by a homeless couple, and takes it back to the hospital. Cuddy plans to adopt her.

Foreman and 13 start seeing each other as lovers, then Foreman discovers by accident that 13 has been getting the placebo in the trial. He eventually switches her to the real drug, thus endangering his career. Unfortunately, 13 has a life-threatening reaction to the drug, developing a brain tumour. Taking her off the drug shrinks the tumour, and Foreman confesses what he did to the trial board. He isn't fired, but that is the end of clinical trials for him.

House decides that Foreman and 13 need to split up or one of them has to quit, siting their relationship as a distraction to them. Foreman and 13 decide House is just messing with them, so House fires Foreman. Because of his ethics breach during the trial, Foreman can't find another job, so he and 13 argue in front of House (who is obviously delighted.) Foreman choses his job over 13, which House gives back to him. It is revealed that Foreman and 13 were only showing House what he wanted to see, and they continue to see each other.

After a day of uncharacteristically cheerful behavior, House is found unconscious and not breathing in the chair in his office. Foreman revives him by twisting his nipples. House shrugs it off as an accidental Vicodin overdose. Wilson suspects his friend is taking heroin, but House finally admits to being on methadone. His leg pain is gone.

Cuddy tells him to stop taking it because it's too dangerous, but House refuses and quits his job. He comes back to work when Cuddy agrees to dole out his methodone, but in the end he decides not to take the stuff. When he is cheerful and pain-free he is a less effective doctor.

House discovers that Wilson has been visiting his long missing brother Daniel Wilson. While riding in Middleton, NY, House and his motorcycle get into an accident. At the hospital he's taken to, House notices a supposedly brain-dead man is following the doctors with his eyes. The patient is sent to Princeton-Plainsboro for diagnosis, and Wilson wonders why House was in Middleton in the first place. He found out House had been there seeing a psychiatrist, but doesn't plan to continue the sessions.

Unusually, Kutner fails to show up for work, and when House sends 13 and Foreman to his apartment they find the usually friendly Sci-Fi geek dead of a bullet wound to the head. It looks like a suicide, but the lack of a note leaves a stricken House to decide it was foul play. No evidence of such was ever found, and House finally acknowledges that Kutner killed himself.

Cameron starts hovering, making House think she wants Kutner's job and Chase think she's still in love with House. After some arguments over Cameron's actions she makes it clear to Chase that she loves him, and he proposes to her. Cameron accepts.

Later that night, in his apartment playing piano and harmonica, House looks up to see Amber standing there. "I guess you're not losing it after all," she says smugly. House can't sleep because the Amber figment sits in the chair by his bed. She appears in his office, acting as his subconscious, pointing out things he might not have noticed. Realizing his psyche is fragmented and that he needs Amber's insight, he throws the sleeping pills Cuddy gave him away, continuing to go sleepless.

House decides to plan Chase's bachelor party. This cannot end well, especially since Amber wants to help. She suggests House find the same stripper (Karamel) he got for a bachelor party he threw for Wilson years ago. Chase tells House that Cameron will not be happy about the party, so House will have to kidnap him, which he does. The bachelor party is held in Wilson's apartment, a fact he finds out when he comes home to find his apartment jumping with pole-dancers, strippers, and flaming Gregs. The sight of Karamel gets him fully involved, and soon he is doing shots off the woman's belly.

When it is Chase's turn to do a body shot off of Karamel, he suddenly collapses with anaphylactic shock due to Karamel's strawberry body butter. As Chase is rushed to the hospital, House realizes that he knew Chase was allergic to strawberries and that his subconscious in the form of Amber may have just tried to kill Chase.

Hoping to be rid of Amber, House goes to Cuddy for sleeping pills, admitting he hasn't slept since Kutner's death. However, after a good night's sleep, Amber is still waiting for him when he rises.

Cameron informs Chase that she wishes to keep her dead husband's sperm, which they had frozen before his death. She explains that while she wants to marry Chase, the future is uncertain, and she wants to retain her "insurance policy" in case things go wrong. Chase is affronted, responding that he is certain of their future, and does not like the idea of her having a backup plan for their marriage. He indefinitely postpones their marriage until Cameron feels the same way.

House finally tells Wilson about his problem, and Wilson sets about to see what is causing the hallucination. It comes down to either vicodin addiction or severe mental illness, the cure for either of which would make it impossible to practice medicine. House desperately sends himself into insulin shock. When he comes out of the coma, Amber is gone. Returning a diagnosis that House realizes was reached by accident rather than through accurate observation, he once again starts to see Amber.

He goes to Cuddy for help detoxing from Vicodin. Cuddy spends the night at House's home, destroying any caches of Vicodin and monitoring him as he detoxes. The episode ends with House and Cuddy kissing passionately and disrobing. He wakes the next morning pain-free, Amber-free and happy. Cuddy has left her lipstick on his bathroom counter, which he pockets and then goes to work.

Cuddy tells House that the only relationship they can have is as employer and employee. A bit confused, House tells Wilson he kicked his addiction, is pain-free, and shagged Cuddy. Wilson is Way Impressed. It seems to House that Cuddy is avoiding her true feelings for him, but instead of talking to her House sets out to annoy the crap out of her.

In a sub-plot, Chase and Cameron collectively decide to put their wedding back on; Chase agrees to let Cameron keep her dead husband's frozen semen because he realized it was the only thing Cameron had left of him. Cameron had offered to have the semen destroyed.

In a final attempt to provoke Cuddy into examining her true feelings for him, House announces to everyone in the main lobby of the hospital that he had sexual relations with Cuddy. She fires him when House suggests they move in together.

House then goes to talk to Cuddy in her office, and asks her if she could possibly be overreacting to the previous night. She finally admits that maybe she is, since he's said plenty of nasty things to her before. House seems confused, as he assumed that she was overreacting to her and House having sex, and what it could mean to their employer-employee relationship. But he realizes that Cuddy's reactions all day have not been consistent, and that something is wrong with his analysis of the situation. He had been troubled for the day on why she left no lipstick marks on her coffee cup, despite the fact that she left her lipstick at his place the night before, and it had smeared on House during sex. House brought the lipstick to work to taunt Cuddy, but hasn't yet presented it to her.

House then has a flashback to the night before when he thought he told Cuddy that he needed her help with his addiction. He suddenly sees the reality of what has happened: he never told Cuddy he was having hallucinations that night. His final words of the evening were: "go suckle the little bastard child that makes you feel good about yourself." Aggrieved at this very remark, she left the office and went home, never accompanying him to his apartment.

House snaps back to reality. He reaches into his pocket to remove the lipstick, but, to his horror, he discovers that it is actually a bottle of Vicodin. The bottle drops from his hand, and he staggers backwards, stunned. He then has another flashback, and realizes what happened. The whole previous night was all a hallucination. His memory of Cuddy staying by his side while he detoxed wasn't real, and, in fact, he spent the night popping pills by himself. In reality, House and Cuddy did not have sex; House's experience was just himself walking around his apartment, high on the pills. A hallucination of Amber says in his ear, "So this is the story you made up about who you are. It's a nice one," to which a hallucinated Kutner adds, "Too bad it isn't true." Cuddy, realizing House is extremely disturbed, attempts to comfort him.

Cuddy then takes House to Wilson, who takes him to the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. Wilson and House share a silent goodbye, and House is led into the hospital by some of its employees. The shots of Wilson bringing House to the clinic are cross cut with shots of Chase and Cameron's wedding.

And now you're caught up! ^_^

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