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Meme Before Bed *YAWN*

Your LJ Super Friends!

dark_mumsy has no superpowers, but is simply the trusty sidekick who's always getting into trouble.

ajfox can talk to fish! So be afraid of ajfox! Ermmm, I guess...

wynnsfolly can talk to ants, so stay on wynnsfolly's good side unless you want bugs in your pantry!

daphne_lage has X-ray vision, thus daphne_lage knows what you all look like naked!

melvh was bitten by a radioactive cat, thus has kitty-sense, rather than spidey-sense. (Can always sense cans being opened!)

mfiles is from another planet, therefore gets a waiver to be in SuperFriends.

vulpesrex really likes squirrels!

dhstein can explode! Unfortunately dhstein can only perform this superpower once... :P

drakenbyte can fly! Though drakenbyte has also been getting a lot of letters from the FAA...

jakebunny was bitten by a radioactive gopher, which explains not only the super-gopher powers, but also jakebunny's extra large front teeth!

Your LJ Super Friends!
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