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Adoption Gripe

Meet "Sprout".

Sprout is currently in a foster home, and the Sister-Unit would like to adopt her. A long Application was filled out, and today I talked to the foster mom (hereafter known as D) over the phone. It made me wonder if they were actually looking for a loving home for this puppy or not. Despite 50 years of dog raising and care experience, all D wanted to do is lecture me about the fact that my mini-weiners live in a kennel outside.

Spike and Dru are robust, the kennel is sheltered from the weather -- they prefer to be outside. They are interacted with several times a day, come in for extended periods, and their enviroment is kept clean of poop. They are warm, well-fed, and always have clean water.

Sprout would not be living outside. She would rarely be alone, she would go on rides and/or trips with the Sis-U. We are used to caring for small yappy dogs. D talked to me like I had no idea what was involved, like I was a crazy person who pitted my weiners, and planned on tossing Sprout to them to tear up like a squeak toy.

We're pretty much sure we won't be chosen. And Sprout's welfare, which should be the only consideration, was barely an issue. We think D has decided that only She can care for Sprout -- then, adopt her yourself and stop wasting my time (not to mention getting Sis' hopes up!)

*is steamed*
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