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Pack Assimilation

This is going well. At first we kept Spike and Dru in the kennel while the new babies played outside. This helped them to get used to seeing Boomer and Sugarfoot, and realize they weren't "interlopers", also creating a desire to join them in play. A couple days later we let Spike out. Play was had!

A couple days later, I let Dru out with everyone. She was a bit suspicious and stiff, but she REALLY wanted to be a part of the fun and was on best behavior. It wasn't until I let them all inside that she took offense to Boomer playfully cornering her under my chair. There was a fight, and poor Boomer got pinched.

The pups really respect the Evil Drusilla now. I try not to let things get bunched up around me -- that's what really sets Dru's jealousy off.

Just for fun, here's Warlock, a pitbull my brother Zonker had years ago:

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