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Got back from FC Monday night -- ran into snow on the ground near Kettleman City. The con went well enough. Sales in the art show were so-so, as was the dealers' room (aside from a life-saving visit to my table by Jasper -- thanks, bro!)

There was this little promo the con did: the theme for this year was the California Gold Rush, so some of the con bags had a little black bag inside. Most contained little lumps of fool's gold, but a very few had a vial with a certificate to exchange for an ounce of real gold.

Anal-man and I had nothing and fool's gold, but we found a couple of discarded con bags in the trash. I checked them, and the first one had a certificate! So now I have a vial of gold nuggets. So pretty!

All in all, despite my severe weather-driven headache, we had a good time. :)
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