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A Week Ago...

Anal-Man and I returned from the Eureka Live Model Horse show (in Santa Barbara) late Sunday, to a note by the Sister-Unit (who was still at work) that there was a strange dog in the garage. Seems she had found her running scared a few streets away, and managed to get her into the car. Here she is:

And here she is with some of the pack:

Dubbed Cracker for the time being, A-Man and I took her to our local vet on Monday to see if she was micro-chipped (she wasn't), she appears to be a Llasa-poo, and is clean and free of fleas. Her ears are super-clean on the inside -- Cracker couldn't have been loose long.

Long story short, we had a dog officer pick her up so the owner would have a chance of finding her, then stayed in touch for the next several days to be sure she went home. She was picked up by her worried family Thursday. ^_^
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