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Adoption Success!!

The Sister-Unit has found her newest baby, and we're sure this is The One. We've adopted her from one of the local shelters -- a Yorkie/something pug-nosed mix 2 yr old female, around 5 lbs, and has a face only a mommy could love. With a silver mane, prick ears and a monkey face, what else could we name her but Smeagal?

I have no pictures yet -- she has to be spayed and can't come home 'til Tuesday. We brought Sugarfoot and Boomer down to greet her, and she was very playful with them. It was funny to see a dog smaller than them herding them around. She even rolled Boomer.

She seems much more comfortable with dogs than people, but she already likes being touched by Sis and me, so it shouldn't take long to turn her into a lap baby. People were coming by the inter-action pen, trying to adopt Sugarfoot, who was the glossy black flavour of the month. No way, people! Find your own foster baby!!
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