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Long Live Smut!

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Do you read smut?
Do you write smut?
Does anyone in your real life know?
Favorite type of smut?
Favorite setting for smut?
Favorite pairing for smut?
Is the smut writing queen!!winter_elf
Wants to read smut, but is afraidsongwood
Only alone, in the dark of nightyrgoddess
Has dabbled in pure smuttikkeni
Likes smut only in context of the storymlewys
Wants to read/write smut 24/7hotmarscube
Has a secret smut lifemercy_asakura
Lives smut, but doesn't write itvoided_space
This Fun Quiz created by doggieearlover at BlogQuiz.Net
Sagittarius Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Well, this doesn't begin to tell the story!

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