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Because Mlewys Said So! (and I wanted to!)

Penis, Penis, Penis!!!!!!!

Okay y'all.... this should be a blast... lets see how many people we can get to play... The name of the game says it all.... all you have to do is copy this bulletin into a new one. Take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with PENIS. Don't forget to put your name on it - then we can all see how perverted our friends are. NO REPEATS!!!

Jennifer - Pulp Penis
Cara- Gone with the Penis
Monica - Dude, wheres my penis?
Ivy-Alice In Penis Land
Jennifer -- Crouching Jenna, Hidden Penis
Amanda -- Lord of the Penis
Jennifer-- Harold and Kumar go to Penis
Luis-- American Penis
Ginny--The Penis
Angela - Bridget Jones' Penis
Melanie - The Penis Trap
Annie - Penis Mountain
Amy-cheaper by the penis
Mandy- Dirty Penis
Katina-What Penis' May come... hahah
Donna - Robinhood - Prince of Penis
Roxanne- Escape to Penis Mountain
Will ~ Night of the Living Penis
Mandy - The Passion of the Penis
Tessa- Willie Wonka And The Penis Factory
Wayne - Penis of the Caribbean : Dead mans chest
Hunter - Wild Wild Penis
Adam - Snakes on a Penis
Nic - House of 1000 penises
Rachael - Big Mommas Penis
Kristy - Diary of a Mad Black Penis
Melanie~ Get Penis or Die Trying
Lisa- Ace Ventura; Penis Detective
Amanda - Grandmas Penis
Brian-Saving Private Penis
Kelli ~ For Your "PENIS" only
Jayson- Along Came Penis
Aubrey~How to Lose a Penis in 10 Days
Ern~ Finding Penis
Crystal - Mr. and Mrs. Penis
Josh - Million Dollar Penis
Travis - The Hunt for Red Penis
Ash- Meet the Penis
Jason - Die Hard With A Penis
Joel - Crimson Penis
FLo-phantom of the penis
Seb-a-You've got Penis
leilani lei-- 101 penises
leighsa- passion of the penis( sorry i had to go there!)
Jenn-Penis Junkies
Jason-Penis in 60 seconds
Erika- Raising penis
Jaime- Penisface (Say hello to my little friend!)
Rebecca- Penis Gump
Jeremy-South Penis The Movie: Bigger Longer and Uncut
Brian - Top Penis
Brian - Penis 49
John - The Penis Collector
Claudia ~ Penis Juice
Miguel - Scent of a Penis
Heather~ The penis and the tramp
Tiffany~ My favorite Penis
Chad~Edward Penishands
Kerri~Oh Penis, where art thou?
Erik: A Penis on Elm Street
Lisa: Attack of the 50 foot penis
Joy: ST II: The Wrath of Penis
Tammy: Buffy The Penis Slayer
Toga: Harry Penis and the Chamber of Secrets
Lord Gloria: The Good, The Bad, and The Penis

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