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Commissions Update

I'm now taking orders for 10 June commissions. 9x12 $100 or 11x14 $200

I apologize profusely for no art going out to my customers before today, but I think I've finally ironed out the slack between Production (hereafter known as The Talent) and Shipping (hereafter known as The not-quite-so Anal-man.)

Scans of finished commissions that I have permission to post will go up here and on my FA account, once I give the art a few days to arrive to their owners.

Therefore, that aside, here is an update on where your art is and what state it's currently in.

April Commissions
1) databank: shipped yesterday. I will hold aside a print for you.
2) commodoremarie: shipped yesterday
3) dantekat: Ready to ship. Email sent for address confirmation.
4) fiawol: shipped yesterday.
5) cmdr_kitsune: shipped yesterday
6) lunden_otter: shipped yesterday
7) lunden_otter: shipped yesterday
8) fuzzwolf: shipping today
9) zervon: shipped yesterday

May Commissions
1) daemionfox : finished, shipping today. Is it all right to post scans and/or do a small print run?
2) fuzzwolf: finished, shipping today
3) lunden_otter: awaiting commission idea
4) mavrik : finished
5) Chezne W. : inked, awaiting colour
6) Nicole D. : awaiting commission details
7) Ultima Knight Zero: awaiting commission idea, payment balance
8) vulpesrex: Research stage
9) aelius24
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