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Commission Slots

I have just 3 more slots left, so if you were thinking about getting one for June, now's the time to jump. If you've asked me about a slot but have not sent in at least a prior discussed deposit, you do not have a guaranteed spot, so please cement the deal ASAP or you risk losing it to the next person who actually waves cash at me.

This is currently the only source of income for me and my husband until he gets work, and I have to think about the rent coming due. Thanks, darlings!

1) Ipequey 9x12
2) Foxonian 9x12
3) BromBear 9x12
4) Kenny Kitsune 9x12
5) Rorschfox 9x12
6) Rikoshi 11x14
7) Socom_3 9x12
8) Open
9) Open
10) Open
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