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May/June Commissions Update

Here we go!

1) M.Sowers: shipped & received: posting permitted
2) Fuzzwolf: shipped & received: posting & prints permitted
3) Lunden_otter: Still need work order
4) mavrik: shipped & received: May I post and/or make prints?
5) chezne: finished, shipping soon. May I post and/or make prints?
6) Nicole D.: finished, shipping soon. May I post and/or make prints?
7) ultimaknightzero: still need work order
8) vulpesrex: penciling stage
9) aelius_24: finished, shipping soon. May I post and/or make prints?

1) ipequey: penciling: May I post and/or make prints?
2) foxonian
3) brombear
4) Kenny Litsune
5) Rorschfox
6) Rikoshi: balance due
7) Socom_3
8) databank: still need work order
9) Mike Lightfox
10) Sandtiger: still need work order

1) Schnookums
2) casidhevixen
3) Ruben A.

This is also a heads up for those on my Contact First list for July. I'll be sending out emails to secure your spots on the July list. Also, I need to clarify: the month heading is for identification purposes. I may get your commission done in that month, but I also may not. Life Happens. I'm making good time, and as you can see from the updates constant progress continues to be made. :) I'm also very pleased with the quality of work I'm producing. I hope you guys are liking it too! *grin*

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