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Snakes... Why'd it Have to be Snakes... er... Snake?

Then Kaa escaped again, when Karoshi-man forgot to close his cage after feeding him -- again. So we ended up hauling most of the boxes out of the garage looking for this 9 foot boa constrictor -- a whole day wasted for all four of us, but now he's back in his cage, and it gave me an opportunity to take pictures of him with Karoshi-man.

On the other hand, the one good thing that came out of it was that I found our "epic" film: Film at Eleven, the closest thing we have to a home movie. We made it back in '83, before we met any of you people. Young, thinner, more hair -- yours truly in contacts and bad acting -- plus the totally awesome Mr. Roboto video by Johnson, Smith, Smith and Wooten. :)

It's pretty nostalgic for us, too, as our director J.J. Johnson III was murdered 7 years later, and since he was also an actor in our film it was lovely to see him again.

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