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Comic Con: Thursday

First of all, Anal-man has come down with a deadly form of Comic Con Crud, including a fever of 101. He may not live. Stay tuned.

As far as I can remember, Thursday was spent on line for Ballroom 20. We got in line fairly early for the Burn Notice: Fall of Sam Axe panel at 10:00, then missed it. Also missed Covert Affairs (which we weren't interested in) but would be a way to be in for Psych (which we also missed). Also missed was Ringer with Sarah Michelle Geller and Game of Thrones. After 5 hours in line, at 4 PM, we finally got in to see TV Guide Fan Favourites.

Whoever was involved in managing the room was not filling it between panels. They were late to let people in and would stop once the panels started. At least we got to see Nestor Carbonel and Jose Garcia (Lost), Zach Levy (Chuck), and Matt Smith (Doctor Who).

We were the last ones to be let in to see Wilfred with Elijah Wood, because the good folks dealing with Room 6A found every little empty seat and filled it. Who cares that the Sis-U and I couldn't sit together? WE GOT IN!!

(I have pictures of Elijah and the guy who plays Wilfred, but LJ is suddenly being a dick about letting me upload pics.)
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